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Dave O.
Tue, 3 Nov 2020

Urgent Help Required to Freely Share Enlightenment Transmission

Saving Humanity, Your Friends, Loved Ones and Yourself

Please read all of this because it is about you and for you.

Recently, a lot of Enlightenment Transmission has been made and is freely accessible. This will continue, improve and increase – but not quickly if I am the only one fulfilling all the roles.

Many have asked for free access but relatively few have supported it. If you want free resources for yourself and/or others then you can easily help by spreading the word by networking free events.

I will host one free event every month if there are enough newcomers. Enlightenment Transmission is priceless, the best gift that you could give to anyone, immediately transforms lives and relationships and could save humanity. I will offer it for free if you offer some time and energy to make it freely available to others. It has always been my intention to offer Enlightenment Transmission for free, but people prefer to offer their money and not their support - consequently that is the only clear system that is supported.

I want free events to be successful. However every free event exacts a toll upon my time and energy that I easily give – but to be worthwhile there should be sufficient newcomers who have been attracted by the efforts of others, not by my own efforts. As it is, I have no time to create free YouTube videos, an Oshana Energy-Work Method video, research essential new video equipment or create guided meditation MP3s (or take care of basic essentials). And I am been falling behind with my email correspondence.

Times have changed. Travel and free association are now restricted. Internet conferencing is the only way to visibly meet and everyone is using the internet. This opens up a new opportunity to urgently deliver Enlightenment Transmission to a wider audience instead of teaching a small, cosy and insular. We have to take the light out into the darkness before the darkness takes the light out of you.

The Enlightenment Transmission will always find a way. Recent online teaching is now as strong as any residential retreat has ever been. All this and more could become freely available but it creates a few sparks to create a fire.

We welcome help, support and funding with distributing Enlightenment Transmission around the world. For more information read the following articles:

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