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Dave O.
Tue, 26 Aug 2014

Unselfishness - An Impossible Place for the Ego

The Ego is bad news. Period. The kind of guest who should never be invited. But if it gets in it will stay and stay. Some even say that the Ego is good for you. Yeah, right. That's about as true as claiming that the condom is the correct tool to conduct full and proper marital relations. To say that there is a grain of truth in every claim is to miss the steaming pile of horse manure which surrounds it. The Ego is the master at keeping you distracted. The Ego's main role is to distract you from the truth about yourself and life. It stops you knowing yourself, feeling your heart and making good connections.


After a while, the Ego-driven spiritual seeker gets into the habit of dining out on spiritual bullshit. That feeling of being kept like a mushroom, in the dark and fed shit, is a cloying but acceptable place to be until you meet the Enlightenment Transmission. But there's nothing worse than a crap spiritual teaching. It's like being given wax fruit when your thirst needs quenching with the real thing.

Fake spiritual teachings are like the hotel industry. The customer comes first. The Ego gets pampered. The dirty laundry gets taken away by the maid. The bed can be soiled as much as the renter likes. There is no personal responsibility, only monetary exchange.

 Enlightenment Transmission removes blindfold of the Ego

Real spirituality does not cost money. It costs a life, the life of the Ego. The real spiritual teacher says "Hand over your Ego and I'll give you Enlightenment". It's a great deal for the seeker and not so great deal for the Enlightened One who just gets left with a skanky Ego. A good teacher manages a second-hand car lot full of used Egos; virtually unsaleable in real spiritual groups but priceless in today's world markets.

There's no point claiming that you want to be free of the Ego when you are hanging on to it when it is being taken away. People spend more time defending their Ego than they do looking out into the sky. Why? There's no Ego there.

The solution, for anyone who sincerely wants it, is to put the Ego in a hard place, one where it will not want to be, in fact it will leave because it cannot survive. That place is not physical but kind of mental, attitudinal and behavioural. That place is called unselfishness. But be warned if you tread on this path, there is both selfish unselfishness as wells as unselfish selfishness.

Unselfishness and selfishness are not very well understood and the terms are frequently misused - selfishly, of course.

In closing, I'll leave you with a meditation: Enlightenment is not a life of being served but a life of service. Wherefore then is there room in any spiritual teaching establishment to be a pampered consumer?

Time to get your priorities straight, oh spiritual seeker.

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