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Dave O.
Tue, 3 Nov 2020

The Enlightenment Transmission Fund is Working Hard for You

New Hope for Humanity and Especially for You

If you believe that Enlightenment Transmission everyone should be free for all then read this solution: ‘Urgent Help Required to Freely Share Enlightenment Transmission’.

Charging something some of the time to some people for some Enlightenment Transmission events seems necessary in a money-based society where incurred costs have to be recovered for viability.

But how much to charge who, for what? Should preference be given to those who have sufficient income? Should those who have insufficient income, through no fault of their own, go without? How to assess who is deserving?

I have been pondering these questions for over 20 years. So far I have been only able to manage the most simple of systems with some difficult to. I lack time, energy, suitable help and funding to implement a more complex system. Love is not blind, nor the Enlightenment Transmission (exactingly precise, in fact).

Within the limits of my abilities to keep track, I have created a very simple funding system that could be expanded if there was enough help. Identifying, approaching and assessing who is deserving is a delicate matter. Not everyone wants to be a charity case. But, I have decided, that some should be, whether they like it or not.

For those who are not paying attention, but instead using their mind’s inadequate concepts, Enlightenment Transmission works in mysterious ways. Consequently, I have to teach to make the obvious really obvious.

My simple solution is to choose a relative newcomer who responds very well to the Enlightenment Transmission, looks ready to pop but who cannot afford to attend the weekly Sunday online events – and then ask participants near to them to provide funding. Some participants have even give their own online place to newcomers. What goes around, comes around.

Keeping track of the fund is relatively simple since OshanaCredits are only debited from a sponsoring participant when the sponsoree participant books an upcoming event. In this way there is no separate fund to manage. From my side, aside from all the work I do to make this happen, arrange and run events, I will be offering half price attendance for newcomers and any participant who has not been able to attend because of income issues – possibly only as a limited offer, especially if it feels inappropriate, draining or time consuming to run. It’s all based on intuition. I would like it to work (for similar reasons as expressed here: ‘Urgent Help Required to Freely Share Enlightenment Transmission’).

Anyway, the good news is that one relatively-new deserving participant (who doesn’t want to receive charity) may get to soak up sufficient Enlightenment Transmission to pop.

Obviously, I am aware that others may want this opportunity. It may be possible – but only with the help of some friends (again see reasoning here: ‘Urgent Help Required to Freely Share Enlightenment Transmission’). I am behind with email correspondence because of all these new projects. However, I do reply to simple, urgent and practical emails as soon as I can.

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