Dave O.
Tue, 3 Nov 2020

Access Enlightenment Transmission: Half-Price Events for Newcomers and Economically Challenged

Limited offers, available now.

Limited offer, available now. For newcomers and those who have been unable to attend due to economic limitations, the next live online event can be enjoyed for half-price. The simplest method is to buy 15 OshanaCredits and then book the event from ‘Fundamentals of Effective Spiritual Seeking’ and then select payment option “Other” and add a note “half price offer”.

Purchasing the live event allows you to attend any of the event’s replays for free when they are streamed over Zoom at an agreed time. If you wish to only attend a replay then a mutually convenient time has to be agreed at least 48 hours before the live event before booking.

This offer is not available to participants who have attended any online event or replay in the past 6 weeks.

Half-price offers are not available every week. However, you may enquire if a discount is available for you for any live event or replay. Currently, there is no actual scholarship system, but regardless of your finances you can help make this happen.

We welcome help, support and funding with distributing Enlightenment Transmission around the world. For more information read the following articles:

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Newcomer Offer for Poor Countries: Enlightenment Transmission Online Events Five Euros (or Less)

Bonus for this Sunday 8th November: If your friends and contacts attend for the first-time then they can attend half-price. Even better, if your romantic partner and/or family members who have never met Dave before attend this event on your Zoom connection then it is free for them. You must mention them in your registration and they must follow the usual eligibility rules.