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Dave O.
Wed, 4 Nov 2020

Free Daily Enlightenment Transmission Meetings (Your Commitment)

Enlightenment Transmission is essential for the sanity. Make it happen.

Enlightenment Transmission is essential for the sanity of humanity, thus I have been sharing Enlightenment Transmission for over 20 years. I would distribute the Enlightenment Transmission freely and widely, and to countries where English is not spoken, if I have sufficient help.

I occasionally hear “spirituality should be free” from people who constantly take and never give and from competitive spiritual and religious groups who receive massive funding and own, but only partly share, millions in assets.

I have always wanted Enlightenment Transmission to be distributed for free. However, my experience is that free events attract individuals who neither understand nor respect what is being offered. Whereas, paid events attract sincere, earnest individuals who value time and energy.

Nonetheless, I will schedule the free distribution of Enlightenment Transmission when time, energy and circumstance permits. However, if that is going to happen on a large scale then I need help with the logistics, networking, communications and group support. Currently, I fulfil all those roles by myself in order to share Enlightenment Transmission.
Simply stated, she was to deal: if you (or your friends) can organise 100 newcomers online then I will meet them for free. Eventually, this could grow into free meetings for everyone, every day.

Who is ready to make this happen? Contact me with specific offers and ways.

We welcome help, support and funding with distributing Enlightenment Transmission around the world. For more information read the following articles:

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