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Dave O.
Thu, 5 Nov 2020

Newcomer Offer for Poor Countries: Enlightenment Transmission Online Events

Sharing Enlightenment Transmission Around the World

We are removing obstacles to accessing Enlightenment Transmission, to bring people into healthier, saner relationships with themselves and others.

Spread the good news to the disadvantaged. It means so much and costs you nothing.

Another low price offer is being introduced for newcomers, this time from poor countries. It’s another new idea, so we haven’t had time to figure out a full implementation. We will muddle through and figure it out as we go along.

We are starting with 5€ for newcomers from Europe’s 10 poorest countries. The newcomer offer price may get even lower with the poorest countries in world.

The online events are over 2 hours long, sometimes even 4 hours. There is an invisible energetic load when clearing newcomers, which is why there is some kind of reciprocation.

This offer applies to the Sunday 8th November event.
Book: ‘Fundamentals of Effective Spiritual Seeking


This offer is not for people who have a good income or large savings (as some do in poor countries).

A newcomer is someone who has never met Dave. This might also apply to someone who has never attended a live online event with Dave.

Newcomers and their country of residence must be identifiable before and during the online event to which this offer applies.

The application process must be completed one or more days in advance of the live event.

Use the contact-form or our email address to ask about the offer be sure to include relevant details about yourself.

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