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Dave O.
Mon, 9 Nov 2020

Ancient Parasites of Human Ancestral Consciousness

We have no choice but to deal with it

Ancient parasites plague humanity's sanity. The problem is that they are completely invisible, unless you know how to open your inner senses.

Ages ago, imperceptible forces created a symbiotic live-in arrangement within embodied human consciousness which consequently screwed up communication and relatedness within self, and between others and nature. Humanity can no longer host these insatiable forces without being completely eviscerated and zombified.

These forces, or more simply "things", attach to and drain life force and situational flows between Consciousness and the body. They breed in the ancestral pool, then hitchhike like ticks from person to person, infecting the host with effluent, causing confusing sensations, brain fog and ultimately a living death. In this zombified state of reduced awareness, energy and ability, beingness and relationship disintegrates

Unfortunately, the resultant cognitive/behavioural symptoms cannot be resolved by talking therapy because the causes are neither language nor event based. By contrast, the transportation of these unsupportive energies has no visible physical form. Eerily, they could be compared to hungry ghosts, entities, vampires, succubi and flyers but should not be over-thought, but instead simply "felt". This contagion now maintains our current ancestral malaise.

To give a computational metaphor, these infections happen in an undocumented software layer of our make-up, which makes them difficult to identify, especially since the virus blinds the host. Out of sight, in this case, is not out of mind though, but shielded from conscious perception and thereby enabling hidden backdoors into the mind's dreamscape. For this reason, in an attempt to enter and "see", the current generation are taking psychedelic trips, not realising that they may be feeding the parasite.

Fortunately, Enlightenment Transmission illuminates the way allowing imperceptible forces and energies to enter into clear witnessing sufficient to motivate elimination. Consequently, an increased sense of well-being, possibilities and creativity are some of the obvious results. This is above and beyond the ability of "talking cures", psychosomatic and psychedelic approaches because they are incomplete.

This article was written to explain the purpose of the live online event, a practical experiential intervention ‘Ancestral Pre-Wash: Ancestral Cleaning Blessing’ on Saturday 14th November which prepares the way to understand and receive fuller benefits from  ‘A Game of Identities’ on Sunday 15th November.