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Dave O.
Mon, 16 Nov 2020

Why I Will Be Washing Your Ancestors' Dirty Undies Before Sunday

You know it's a dirty job and no one has been doing it, til now.

After last Saturday’s ‘Ancestral Pre-Wash: Ancestral Cleaning Blessing’ which intensely focused on anonymised personal and group ancestral connection, I thought that participants would not require the same services for a while. To be honest, I was relieved because ancestral clearing is exhausting unpredictable work. Literally, anything could come up and frequently does.

But lo and behold, after Sunday's ‘A Game of Identities’ which was just as intense, but focused more upon cognitive content than ancestral connection, there was a feeling that something that could be addressed, wasn’t.

Hence by Monday morning, I found myself in a Mexican stand-off with a gaggle of who-knows-whose ancestors wondering why their ancestral laundry was still unwashed. This is why I frequently say that I don’t like this aspect of my vocation. Laundry is either clean or not. There is no room for spotty or patchy work. No one is content with half-washed, even if it is a huge improvement. They only see the dirt. I get it, I have high standards too, higher even than the ancestors.  Ironically, the ancestors are the problem, and it’s impossible to get all the laundry clean unless the entire clan cooperates. And when does that ever happen? Never, ever, in human history. Because who admits to wearing dirty undies? As I thought, no one.

If families cooperated then this work would be completed quickly. But lack of cooperation is part of the sticky problem that is repeated every generation. What comes around keeps going around, just like the proverbial COVID-19. The only thing not going around now is a fully locked and loaded soapy wash.

Despite, these issues, it is gratifying and fulfilling to actually negotiate with the ancestors rather than listen to their badgering bluster, and to come to an understanding without evoking descendant egos. That of course means that you are the last to know and have to sit outside whilst the adults talk. Even so, participants thankfully are prepared to show up and give time to this process. It is after all, for them and their family’s descendants. In reality the participants have to go this course, otherwise there would be no freedom from the blathering ancestors who drown out the better ancestors.

No one wants this situation to continue indefinitely! Consequently, I am back this Saturday, not knowing what will actually happen, curious to find out and trusting this is all a setup.

Saturday 21st November ’The Real Heal: Ancestral Negotiations’ nicely segues into Sunday 22nd November ‘A Game of Ancestors’ and you can get a 50% discount off of one when you order both (see event page).  Every individual has to give up something to appease the invisible gatekeepers. So, give where it will be wisely used.