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Dave O.
Mon, 16 Nov 2020

The Identity vs. the Ancestors: The Take-Over is Almost Complete

This War has Been Waged Unseen for Thousands of Years

The Ancestors are like a hairy goat. They rule over the body, especially the emotions, passion and hormones. They care mainly about mating, rutting and digesting. The Ancestors consider themselves very personable, a “let it all hang out” in-your-face kind of personal.

By way of contrast, the Identity, having no empathy for the goat’s slavish compulsions to fill and empty its organs, and disgusted by bodily fluids and hair, can be likened to a frustratingly impossible customer service chat bot that fakes niceness in order to control the customer with dumbness. The Identity does not understand love, but knowing that love is extremely valuable, seeks to acquire all the love in the world by any means necessary. The emotionally volatile ancestral influences disturb the Identity’s fake acts of kindness, rationality and humanity. In a bid not to lose face, the Identity seeks to rout and punish the ancestral influences, chasing them deep into the nervous system, and suppressing them at source by shutting down unrestricted expression and unbounded perceptions. After which, nothing authentic comes through the body, everything is fake, vague, scripted and safe as possible. But not safe enough, the Identity, being neither alive nor dead, but existing only within the mind, and continually afraid of being wiped out, becomes obsessed with its survival and focuses upon the impossible goal of immortality (impossible for mortals).

For thousands of years, the Identity has self-replicated like a computational virus, ensuring that every human being will be made in its image. Passing along all of its faults, insecurities and irrational fears, and mimicking the Ancestors, the Identity seeks to completely control everything that lives, breathes, moves or even has only presumed or theoretical reality. The Identity’s lust for power is insatiable and, so far, unstoppable. The Ancestors never saw this coming. The hairy goat and all its passions got subsumed by something it could never have imagined. No one ever sees the Identity coming. They haven’t even noticed that the Identity has  been running things for a very long time.

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The Final Conflict: Genes vs Memes: Ancestors vs Identities: Living vs Dead

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