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Dave O.
Wed, 25 Nov 2020

Ancestral Identity Truth Conflicts and Confusions

Confusion and subversion starts a long way from home

Honestly, despite emphatic pleadings and boastful claims, no one wants Truth. Truth would shatter the Identity. A person with no identity isn’t interested in the Truth, they just have it. Even these few words are ambiguous, having multiple meanings, are oxymoronic and amorphous.

If you want the Truth, you are going to have to be taken, kicking and screaming, with your senses held open. You will beg, but not for it, instead to forever forget.  If you avow wanting truth then you came to the wrong place, because you might just get it, after a fraught dark night of the soul struggle that will utterly ruin your concept of self and others.

Since introducing the theory and knowledge of Identities and Ancestors, explicit manifestations of sabotage, procrastination and avoidance have appeared. The Identities do not want your attention. The Ancestors have been struggling with the Identities for ages. Unsurprisingly, this invisible conflict plays out through all human beings who are unaware that the Ancestors and the Identities seek to control them.

Are you ready to discover, own and move beyond your complicity? If so then you are very welcome to join: ‘The Final Conflict: Genes vs Memes: Ancestors vs Identities: Living vs Dead’.