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Dave O.
Tue, 8 Dec 2020

The Missing Communication: A Test Transmission

Silence Screams So Loud

If communication is already dead then why do the living engage in it? Those who were once here are not dead and never miss    communication.

If you make time, they will make space.
There is no intergenerational communication gap.

The truly alive understand:

Those who never saw the muzzle flash are excused from awaiting the report, for they are neither here nor there but in the nether regions in between.

Testing the artist mind with linguistic artefacts:

Ironically articulation, whilst suggestive of agility, frequently inflexibly fails fulfillment. The carefully curated climax curtailed, the promised payload indefinitely postponed. What I mean to say is that what I mean to say will not out. Cancelled communication is the fault of the receiver, not the sender. Art awards should be granted to the audience, who  after all, work harder than the artist in the search for meaning beyond meme-ing.

Jesus on the Cross, theologians at loss, in profane attempts to make the avowedly incomprehensible, fully comprehensive, are reprehensible for using loaded Latin-language to confuse confusion with alleged illumination to fool the masses en-Mass in order to hold onto their artless golden after-facts.

Such a mass mind, crafted by extremely torturous social tools over time, is impervious to seduction of the spirit, since it is either dead or already riled with corruption. Friends give not only your ears, but all that lies in-between somewhere called home and the road it may be possible to exact an extraction from this unrelenting action.

It starts with what is not said as the tongue-in-cheek waggles mute in mouth, as winks disappear into kitchen sinks and momentary blinks become indefinite forty winks. If you do not understand what is behind the on-page high jinx then grab the blood of an Englishman to fi-fo-thumb your way through the missing lynx.

Bet butter yet, take a course in cancelled communication to gain ears that here and eyes that sea. Not confused with cancel culture, this is cancelling culture. Trigger warning: it may disconcert to discover that private secrets are public property. What we don't speak, loudly we leak.

For in the communication S-bend's end is that that sat and shat, should have been said but never once was for given nor for gotten. It's not secrets that kill for being told, but for keeping mum's the word, remaining unheard, forever singing, rhyming, rimming the toilet ringing, reaming in dreaming for eternity. In space they scream because no one will hear, whilst on earth they are suffocated in a bucket of stillborn free expression. They not only tell huge tales with whopping wails, but their weighty wave splash encores unendingly.

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