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Dave O.
Wed, 9 Dec 2020

Miscommunication: What is said but never admitted?

Perception, Thought and Language Broken: The Babel Effect Dénouement

This week we continue with ancestral themes (it's all that you are) but rather than consider what is "up there" we will be scraping the bottom of the barrel for evidence down here for what is up there. It's always easier to start with what you can identify. However, it's not so simple because we will be looking for what is missing, communication gaps, what is said but neither owned nor heard, unadmitted squeaks and leaks that speak and that proverbial 92% of communication that is non-verbal but which massively overrides that 7-8% that is ostensibly clear and unambiguously articulated.

We are of course, hovering around the edge of the previously taught all-consuming internal war between the Mental Identity and Bodily Ancestral Influences for thousands of generations and now afflicts 7.8 billion humans, whose effect grows exponentially and threatens our species survival. Simply put, the False Identity is massacring us on every front, turning humans into disembodied surgically reassigned automatons through a continuous ungrounded electromagnetic stream of unreality: the re-education camp is in plain sight.

This week's events:

Auditory Spirit Photography: Capturing What is Seen but Never Heard - An Immersive Workshop

The Communication Gap Betwixt Soul & Body: Diving Into The Space-Time Continuum Breach