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Dave O.
Sun, 3 Jan 2021

The Energy That Brought Us Silently Falling Snowflakes

Navigating No Distractions

New Energies, No Habits

Until now, I have avoided email, so that 2020 energies of habit and identification can stop and thereby allow new energies to enter for 2021.

I was not yet ready to start “teaching” in 2021 but…

This Sunday’s Live Online Meeting

For reasons explained further below the first online event of 2021 is in less than 24 hours and entitled ‘This Mystery, Our Life’.

Your New Year Wishes

Today, I sensed a growing need, expectation and anticipation - after reading your emails and noticing your bookings for the tentative 3rd Jan meeting, originally titled “If we are still here then this event might happen”.

Silently Falling Snowflakes Are New

To avoid recreating (anything old), I instead watched fluffy snowflakes fall.

Before the Modern Mind: An Ancient Longing

Seemingly without rhyme or reason, it all makes sense: an ancient longing (yours/ours) that existed long before the modern mind. But to speak of it creates a focus upon concepts that are not "what is". So…

Pointing with No Finger and No Moon?

How to point to the moon without the finger? The “finger” becomes a focus for wonder, veneration, desire and distraction. How to ensure that “the answer” does not become another such distraction?

The Energy That Brought Us

Guidance: return your attention, without using mental intention, to The Energy that brought us together and continues to bring us together.

Listening to this Energy for less than 2 weeks seems insufficient - which is why I delayed confirming and considered postponing until 10th Jan. Yet, here we are…

Clarity: Not One But Many

Your presence has made The Energy's wishes clearer.

Group events make sense of things. That's their purpose. Each member has part of the puzzle.

The risky part is that each member has distractions, too.

This risk cannot be avoided.

Picture Clear for All

No one neuron has even a single picture, but together the brain’s neurons contain billions of pictures.

Together we have the whole picture but it is not yet clear for all.

Putting the Mind into Nowhere

How can we come together and not distract each other from discerning "what is", the full picture? This question should not be answered by the modern mind.

Whilst "offline", I put the modern mind into "nowhere".

The Zone of Ancient Energies

Not ready to have the mind come back today, but prepared to wait another week, constantly going to the zone of the ancient energies, not following modern ideas, but disentangling from habits and traditions.

No “Teaching” Because…

When nothing stays the same, casual observers cannot find a "teaching". The aim is not a concept, but something undefined. Anything that settles is cleared away. 

Active Rest and Unproductive Restlessness

Notice that there is a difference between restlessness and "at rest". It's possible to be "at rest" when constructively active, and to be restlessly active but unproductive.

How to Know what “We” Knows?

What is it that we "know"? How can we avoid distraction? We might naturally know but never have a conceptual answer.

As snow falls nothing settles because nothing stays the same.

Sailing Past Distraction

You might intuit where this can go, but there will be no useful definition.

Like a ship's captain without a map or direction, my task is to ward off distractions that bring a premature end (on the mythological Siren’s rocks).

The Twilight Zone between Mind and Body

My captain’s shift is considered over when the ship’s crew can navigate.

This “sea” is in the twilight zone between the mind and the body. An area unnamed, to avoid conceptual distractions.

Before Mind

Curious subtitles can become a distracting “finger”.

Will you join where there is no modern mind?

Attending Booking

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