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Dave O.
Wed, 6 Jan 2021

Less is More... 2021 First Week Report

Keeping It Simple


2021 teaching started with minimalism: keeping it simple, no fuss or stickiness.


The aim now is to allow time for space - an increasingly vital necessity.

New Way

On 3rd January, the first online meeting ‘This Mystery, Our Life’ delivered a new way, style and content which moved away from concepts and assumptions that structure perception, cognition and behaviour.


A powerful new sense and guidance was introduced about how to return to an original pure pre-mind state.


From this simple, effortless presentation, participants reported remarkable experiences and releases.


The 2021 movement now is toward greater realism, self-sufficiency and discovery. Space, in many forms.


Cascading Chains of Ecstasy’ continues the New Year's mysterious process - and is an experiential journey.

See you Sunday

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