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Dave O.
Tue, 12 Jan 2021

Full Immersion: Goodness, Peace, Bliss, Connection and Purpose

Enlightenment Transmission Precision
Nature's Way

Last Sunday's online ‘Cascading Chains of Ecstasy’ posited that we commune together to experience goodness, and explored ways to find goodness in the body by using awareness, intention and purpose. In this Sunday's ‘Multiplying Goodness’ we will go constructively deeper to discover how we can feel that we are channels of goodness.

How we feel in ourselves (our body) and what we think about ourselves (from our mind) can have a profoundly beneficent effect upon our being and others. The opposite however can also apply, resulting in an extremely miserable and destructive condition for oneself and others. In the present time of global social confusion and unrest, we especially have to find islands of peace within all dimensions where we consciously experience ourselves, which include mind, body, emotions, dreams, nature and the social/cultural realm.

Problems in those dimensions, some seemingly insurmountable, typically take the focus away from healthy pleasurable activities and functions. It is therefore essential to create a counterbalance. This is especially true for those parts of a person that are seemingly beyond their control, which include the "adult conditioned mind" (a term introduced in the last 2 Sunday events), the "adult body" (an imagined self-image) and the twilight zone where trauma "triggers" reside and regularly "fire" (due to mysterious interactions between mind, nervous system, self-image, and regulation of fascia and internal organs in the widest sense).

There is no need to get too technical here because the guidance given in the Oshana Energy-Work Method (OEWM is a system of moving meditation, cleansing and opening to goodness) naturally takes care of desired outcomes, and the same guidance will now appear in some Sunday online classes to provide an effective method, without standing movements and postures, that can be practically applied to create a 24 hours a day immersion in peace, goodness, bliss and a profound sense of purpose and connection.

This offering is especially vital since some Enlightenment Transmission participants do not have a sufficiently deep or consistent OEWM practice and so are less likely to daily experience the most desirable outcomes. Even so, all participants can benefit by discovering how to make "energy-work" part of ordinary activities and becoming an embodiment of living prayer. Bliss, ecstasy, peaceful and absolute goodness do not have to be rare experiences but can be maximized. This is a profound lifestyle change, one that is needed by all sentient creatures, but especially human beings who risk losing natural connections. By bringing bliss, ecstasy and goodness into our life we re-establish those natural connections.

Book early for ‘Multiplying Goodness’ - the live event is always preferable but a replay can be scheduled by email request.