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Dave O.
Tue, 2 Feb 2021

Absolute Goodness: A Natural Revolution That Cannot Be Stopped

Experience absolute pure goodness in every moment

I can excitedly confirm that you can directly and immediately experience absolute pure goodness in every moment. In fact, you must. It is absolutely necessary, not only because the alternative is the engulfing darkness that presently enters the fibres of each human being, but simply because it makes sense since it is the original design of nature. In other words, it is truly good for you.

Our minds have shifted our awareness so dangerously faraway from being natural that we can no longer find simple and easy ways to return to bliss, harmony and health within ourselves and with each other. Consequently, humanity's future looks pessimistic now, even for new age, religious, humanist and technological optimists.

The revolution will be small and undetectable from within you, and not a big idea, social movement or from top-down coercion. The solution cannot be based on socially learned concepts, no matter how enticing they seem, because they contain the same problem that we are facing.

In every moment, there is the potential and actual good and bad, measured by the quality of our lives, body and mind. The causes of good and its opposite, bad, are beyond microscopic, unclassified and unmeasured. Yet, it can be revealed through experience because you are part of nature. It will happen outside of the socially conditioned mind that has corrupted your perception and forced you to be lost in a world of imaginary experiences that seems real but are only conceptual, not actual.

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