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Dave O.
Tue, 2 Feb 2021

Restoring Absolute Goodness to Life

Establish a connection with absolute goodness for life.

Do you wake up feeling uncomfortable, exhausted, anxious, disorientated, confused, troubled, heavy or that something unidentifiable is wrong? You are not alone. Good sleep has become rare. There are so many factors that disturb sleep. Even when you have followed all of the "advice" there can still be problems. In that case, the problem is that we have lost the ability to rejuvenate, not only in sleep but most, if not all, life functions.

The issue is that we have lost touch with nature's way of restoring goodness, and because we no longer experience that absolute goodness and we don't know that it exists, human reasoning takes humanity in the opposite direction.

Goodness is not something that the mind can easily find. Goodness is of nature, not of the mind. Our minds are artificial, the product of social conditioning that, when incubated, multiplies its flaws and problems. If society is allocating more resources to solving its problems then why are people breaking down and increasingly prescribed destructive psychiatric medications? Why is there a growing happiness deficit?

The solution will not come from any administration or mandated behaviour.

You have to establish a connection with absolute goodness to know this.

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