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Dave O.
Mon, 8 Feb 2021

To Save our Future: A Mystical Journey to The Origin

Only a mystical journey can recover necessary answers

Regarding humanity: much can we heal and salvage?

Is there a truth that society does not want you to discover but instead leads you away from? How could that be possible? Are you a free agent? Or are your mental, emotional and nervous system so conditioned that clear perception is not only impossible but something that you have been trained to be averse to, like an auto-immune condition where a healthy balancing system is subverted to destroy itself? Is self-destruction where humanity is going? Could an internal destabilization within every person be hastening such an end?

When seeds of self-destruction, cut-out switches, have been so deeply sown, even into our DNA, free-thinking becomes impossible and tainted socio-political solutions are accepted.

Only a mystical journey can uncover necessary answers by utilizing a primal part of ourselves that goes around a programmed mind that iteratively recycles, recreates and multiplies society's flaws.

We are going outside the prevailing paradigm, on a journey to our primal inception. We don't know what awaits us but it can't be worse than the future.

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