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Dave O.
Mon, 8 Feb 2021

Together in the Invisible Space of Truth

Truth that cannot be corrupted by social conditioning.

If you discover the truth, you won't find anyone to agree with you, because such truth cannot be spoken. But there can be agreement. To discover how, read on.

Conversely, fake truths or "truth that lies" are acceptable. They can be spoken, transacted and rewarded and fit an environment bombarded by official narratives. However, beliefs and dogma, which represent the outer face of our inner problems, are shoddy substitutes for truth and reality.

My aim is to introduce you to truth that cannot be corrupted by social conditioning. To do this it is necessary to recalibrate your nervous system to perceive clearly. Something which mystics, individuals, companies and governments have been messing with, and sometimes deliberately messing up, for thousands of years. A natural way, that does not involve substance use, is required and is available.

When each has connected to truth, only then can we fully meet in truth.

This process has started, the thematic titles of Sunday's live online events are evidence of a progression. It is only after a live event that we discover what has happened. It's a mystical process that is revealed to our being. The conditioned mind cannot understand it, but when we journey there then something within us recognises it. The next step is to be together in this space that previously was invisible - and that is how we find agreement.

Discover this and more in the live online event ‘Meeting Truth in the Mystical Realm’ (or else use the contact-form to schedule a replay).