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Dave O.
Sun, 15 Feb 2015

The Ideal: Enlightened Soul Teams

Although Enlightenment has been traditionally viewed as a solitary pursuit, the OETT has been most efficiently delivered to individuals who participate in group events. To fully receive the unsurpassed benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission a participant should be open, honest and vulnerable. Ideally all parts: body, mind and emotions will be in alignment with their soul's purpose. The same principles apply to a group if it is to fully receive the Enlightenment Transmission. The group would be open, honest and vulnerable, and the members of the group would be of one accord.

Soul Teams are part of the theoretical and practical view of the OETT. In unison with your Soul Team you will achieve your mission. Without your Soul Team your results will be partial. Your Soul Team can help you and others to wake up, to become Enlightened. The problems facing a Soul Team's successful achieving of its purpose are the same as for the individual, the Ego. In the case of a Soul Team it is many Egos. Absence of Ego is not absence of personality, it is the absence of unresolvable internal division and strife. A house divided will fall, as stated in the Bible.

A soul in the material world has fallen. It starts its descent as soon as it enters the gravitational pull and influence of material energies i.e. upon physical incarnation. The purpose of the OETT is to recover the unity of the individual and the whole (Soul Teams).

In 2014, the OETT opened up the concept of Soul Teams and put it into practice. Participants were told that "the group has all the answers" and that ultimately they were to manage by themselves. However we have not arrived at the fulfilment of that ideal. And it cannot arrive while there are selfish preoccupations. A selfless participant supports the progress of the group, its members and their own self.

Typically, an individual supports their own cause even if misguided. But rarely does an individual know what it is to truly love another, which means to support the spiritual development and fulfilment of another. Ironically, the supporting of others is a necessary step to one’s own fulfilment. But it has to be done without Ego, for the Ego lies in await to take over the project.

The 14th February Teacher Call entitled "Love One Another" will explore what it means and how to get there.