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Dave O.
Mon, 8 Feb 2021

The Mystic's Way Moves In The Unseen Realms Of Creation

Because is there anything about ourselves that we can trust?

The mystic's way is mysterious because because s/he moves in the unseen realms of creation. Necessarily so, because human perception, being based upon imagination, is so easily subverted by social conditioning that you literally cannot believe your eyes, as illusionists demonstrate. The greatest illusionists, like their illusions, are unseen and change our reality through our minds and nervous system. Thus, determining truth becomes impossible since it would require unlimited resources to access and process all the possible data in existence, to uncover deception. Instead deception is a given, we find it everywhere from the largest nations to the smallest individual, and even ourselves.

Given, with reasonable supporting evidence, that our emotional and mental behaviours are largely beyond our control and subject to conditioning from birth, is there anything about ourselves that we can trust? At this point you cannot be sure. However you can start to explore possibilities, as I did at an early age upon recognizing that I was developing a foreign self.

"Identity" is a simple word but the process of identification is not so easy to discover and undermine by digging a tunnel under its prison walls to escape and smell the fresh air of reality but in the live online event ‘Meeting Truth in the Mystical Realm’ we shall aim for it (or else use the contact-form to schedule a replay).