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Dave O.
Mon, 15 Feb 2021

Confused yet? (COVID-19 Theatre, Obfuscation by Design)

What's a spiritual person to do? Suck it up or swim free?

Confused yet?

Maybe that's the plan!

Psyches are falling apart. Drug use is propping up a failing, flailing and ailing humanity. An unidentified corporate raider is at work, sucking the joy out of life. With only circumstantial evidence, and no named protagonist, weapon or motive, where to start?

If you believe the news, and many do (because what else is there to follow other than “reality TV”?) then we have arrived at a state of global confusion and panic (recall the stampede to buy toilet rolls?). And yet, you are unlikely to die or even get sick, unless you are a very elderly person with co-morbidity issues who is pushed out of a hospital bed to make way for COVID-19 victims and into an elderly care home where COVID-19 awaits and the vaccine will suppress your immune system for several weeks making you more likely to die, as available statistics and media at least partly revealed. The spectre of COVID-19, not the actual never-seen virus but an apocalyptic depiction, has been weaponised to divide and isolate communities, as propaganda machines churn out endless amounts of unscientific nonsense.

News is sometimes where belief becomes reality, unless people have strong sense of a healthy alternative. Alas, increasingly fewer do.

So what's a person to do?

Spiritual advice has never changed: look within - and look to nature. Not only is this essential to discover truth but as a counterbalance against various strains of unremitting propaganda and pressure.

Confusion abounds because actual truth is conspicuously absent from public narrative, discourse and debate - if anyone can be bothered to look for truth and verifiable facts before classifying whether a “vaccine” is: proven safe, not proven safe or is certainly unsafe. Hint: it’s a fact that recent vaccines have not been 100% safe, are not extensively tested or monitored, in short: they are risky. However scientists who question experimental methodologies and request actual data are censored, ridiculed and deplatformed. Cancel culture got official. This outrageous handling rightly creates distrust and suspicion about official sources.

The oft-used excuse “life is complex” is an unacceptable cover story for  confusion that is deliberately engineered by covering up facts, redefining words and procedures and removing scholary criticism. When the goalposts keep moving suspect that someone is not playing fair and don't get gaslight into thinking your intelligence is the issue.

For example, regarding actual figures of deaths due to COVID-19, and vaccine safety and efficacy, we are kept in the dark, which limits our abilities in what has been described as a “war” to be the effective 'soldiers' that we are called to be because we are prevented from making informed choices. It seems that we are not supposed to have the facts. Even governments and scientific institutions are blocked from checking relevant studies. We are being told to trust and believe, which is quite a test of faith and patience in the face of mounting evidence of vaccine-related deaths and adverse reactions.

The spectre of “1984” has crept in the backdoor to achieve mass acceptance and now is boldly kicking in the front door. Those who have eyes to see it are witnessing an unreported coup that takes away the right to think and live freely – a perennial problem that worsens.

This is all confusing, divisive and crazy-making. But you don’t have to accept it. There is something you can do, as the crazed farmer cuts down the field in a spiral to trap the remaining bunnies in a small central island.

Will the human race ever become sane? That’s up to you, even if you think that’s ridiculous. Yes, I am talking to you. We can at least try.

But first you have to find the resources within. Initially, this will be an interesting, potentially white-knuckle ride, because under the bonnet people’s nervous systems are in disarray, many increasingly running on legal and illegal drugs as fuel. The typical reaction to even a brief internal inspection is to quickly shut the lid and start looking at the paintwork instead. It’s far less complicated.

But we are going in, to fix the body’s transmission, which means to fix humanity no matter how bad the circumstances.

But these issues are not just about ways of thinking. Each human being comprises of several complex life systems. It’s not only our social behaviour that can become warped but the underlying foundations too. Cognitive, perceptual and nervous systems daily suffer an unrelenting onslaught of environmental pollutants: chemical, EMF, noise, moulds, coercive legal and economic threats, societal restlessness and stressful lifestyles. These problems ruin development, making calm thinking, relating and behaving impossible. These issues are extensive and scramble our other basic life-support systems: circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine and reproduction too.

In the recent online events we have been getting closer to the truth by going through a process led by the Enlightenment Transmission happening deep within, going around mental distortions and issues, calming the nervous system and finding deeper levels of finer grain perception.

Read the excited participant feedback that appears a few days after each event. Better yet, join a live event to experience the maximum benefits of what is being transmitted. Replays are available upon request if you cannot attend live. The next live event is ‘Fighting to Live, Experience & Exist’.