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Dave O.
Fri, 19 Feb 2021

The Pure Love Blessing Humanity Saving Meetings

An unprecedented understatement

I should have seen it coming, but there was nothing in my calendar, no Winter Retreat, no Saturday meetings, only the weekly Sunday events.

However, something has been growing, invisibly like a tree in winter. I have been as still as possible, so that I can catch every drop and detail of the Enlightenment Transmission’s flow. The task now is faithfully share it because only together we are going to save humanity, but not by using old ways.

Here are the two free events, book soon enough to receive the Zoom link:

Friday 19th February

Pure Love Blessings to Save Humanity: The Opening (Small Circle)

Saturday 20th February

Pure Love Blessings to Save Humanity: Wide Tent Open to All Gathering