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Dave O.
Mon, 22 Feb 2021

Saving the Human Energy Field: Now is a Critical Time in Human History

The Human Energy Field is the true source of human life.

We have started saving the Human Energy Field and you can too! It wasn’t intentional, but an automatic response from the Human Energy Field herself.

They say that “desperate times require desperate measures”. We have reached that critical time in human history where clumsy official narratives are being broadcast non-stop to justify unsafe, draconian, coercive and human rights-violating measures. We are in a divisive, fearful and unhappy time.

Fortunately though, nature has provided a solution which is implementable during a fleeting window of opportunity, the conspicuous gap between non-stop human hypnotic delusion and reality, a chance for full awakening. It’s only when we are gasping for air that we single-mindedly focus on breathing. It’s only when we realise that even the little we slave for is being taken away from us, that we fight. Many will not see the end coming before it is too late. Better to die with your eyes open, facing down the problem, than cowering awaiting to be consumed.

The Human Energy Field is the source of human life. Human life is not the body. The body is a container. If the Human Energy Field is cut off from the body then we will no longer have a human race but a race of zombies. Some of you see that this has been gradually happening and that it has been imperceptible for the masses. You may feel alone, the odd one out. But many are the same as you. Some see and act with even greater clarity and resolve. You are not alone and you can be supported.

To visualise the solution, imagine that a dark sun spot emanating toxic radiation is destroying life on Planet Earth. If we block the Sun, ignore it or move to another planet, then we will certainly die. Counter-intuitively, the solution is to travel toward and into the sunspot to discover the issue and resolve it.

This is how we save the Human Energy Field from where we come and to where we shall return. Right now she needs us to strengthen the connection. And we are.

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