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Dave O.
Sat, 27 Feb 2021

When Life Gathers: Notes About Today's Event

We flow toward each other

I might not be able to talk much in today's event.

So no deep lengthy detailed structural explanations, humorous story-telling or hand-holding. That might change though. This is life and it's eminently unpredictable.

Today's meeting will be live experimental experiential interactive. Please notice those words. This is not a lecture. You will be interacting with strangers both directly and indirectly.

I am not trying to dissuade anyone. In fact, I want as many as possible to participate. Come and see life in its fullness and heavenly glory, your life, all of humanity's descendants. If you come, do stay long, because like a wash or a cook, the best comes last, the climax is the supreme conclusion, the capping, the long-awaited moment, the fulfillment of a hope desired, sense.

Because this is primarily an energetic experience, you should calm your nervous system before the event, like an ice swimmer warms up their body before taking the plunge. You want to arrive with a calm baseline so that you take energetic readings and notice all of the subtle perceptions and phenomena that happen when life gathers. As humanity becomes increasingly isolated, we are bucking the imposed trend and flow toward each other.

I will support the event with verbal guidance, non-verbal communication and an imperceptible energetic balancing act (for "those who have eyes to see" and a skin to feel). It may seem like a real-life unpredictable happening (because in one sense it is, and in another not).

It is what is, or will be what is will be. It depends on your point of view.

If you are reading this then I am ready to take a chance with you without having developed the usual kind of connection. This is no small thing for me, and in reality neither for you.

For some this may be a bliss picnic, though that is not the intention. It depends how you surf the waves of Life. We are assured of surfing today. That's all.

Be sure to have quiet time after the event. A good walk or swim in nature will be ideal.

Today's event is free and can be booked here: ‘The Human Love Field Exploration: Open to All’. The first Orientation batch has been emailed to all who booked before midnight Finland time. Book early. Late bookings may not get a response. We live in busy times.