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Dave O.
Mon, 8 Mar 2021

Unavoidably Insane

If you can’t beat them join them – on your terms!

Many are afraid of insanity manifesting personally, familiarly, communally and globally. And yet, insanity is unavoidable because it is all around. It is impossible not to have contact with insanity. A certain percentage of people will be declared insane in old age but some their whole life. Also, unavoidable for many are insane government policies and media programming that infect and divide minds, families, friends and nations. And while some believe this doesn't apply to their country, religion and culture, they invariably believe it applies to someone else's.

In the next live event we will take deep look at a troubling subject that initially scares people but could, like mountain climbing, become a familiar and fun thing to explore - because it is there. Dare we face the inner storm and look into the eye of the hurricane? Can we love ourselves and by extension each other?

Discover: Book ‘A Cure for Insanity (Personal, Relationships and Global)’ or email to reserve a time to watch the video replay on Zoom by supplying your availability times by email or contact-form.