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Dave O.
Mon, 13 Apr 2015

Be Open, Honest and Vulnerable

“Be open, honest and vulnerable to become who you are, that is, Enlightened” has been an essential, non-negotiable, conditional requirement of the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching (OETT) since I started teaching in the year 2000.

But what does it mean? I don’t want you to misunderstand it because not only could you improperly apply it and so get less than favourable results, but you might misapply it and have a disaster.

For most people, making themselves open and transparent is a risky proposition. They have psychological defences because society is a harsh and cruel place. But trapped under layers of defensive emotional armour is a loving, lively and spontaneous person waiting to get out. But in this presently fearful state, real person-to-person, soul-to-soul contact is not possible, which unfortunately leads to a number of dreadful social maladies including isolation, frustration, boredom, low self-esteem and hurt. Consequently families cannot be familiar, couples cannot truly couple and friendships can never flourish. We live in a ‘fake it til ya make it’ world, which becomes ever more fake with every season.

The OETT view is that we incarnated on Earth to have full and constructive relationships with the Creation and everything that we encounter. We are to be a fountain of love that irrigates the Creation so that it can return beauty and joy back to us. Tragically the human race is doing the opposite, destroying the Creation and themselves.

Fortunately with the guidance of the OETT, we can create a better community and thereby move towards an ideal world of peace, love and joy.

We can start improving our community by taking the risky step of becoming open, honest and vulnerable. Initially things will seem to get worse and not better because as every homeopath knows, or as Mr T predicted for the Rocky fight, ‘there will be pain’. Fortunately some of the pain is unreal – it is a projection of the past. But there will be messes because, like young puppies, spiritual seekers don’t know what to do with their ‘shit’. Typically they hold it until they explode because they ‘can’t deal with it’ and so never find a more elegant solution.

Just like anyone else, spiritual seekers want to be liked. They therefore avoid confrontation, hide their feelings and feign niceness. Ironically they probably are nice inside but they don’t believe it because they are aware of some not-so-nice or not-for-publication parts of themselves. Sigmund Freud noticed that repressed emotions tend to get uglier. Repression is a ‘false economy’ i.e. a cheap ‘solution’ that costs you greatly in the end.

I have helped release individuals from the acid corrosion of their crippling self-judgements. Typically such individuals would have isolated themselves from others in a variety of creative and unnoticed ways, thereby limiting the social damage they could do. But sooner or later, the monk, nun, yogi or meditator has to leave their cave and face the world – because that’s where they live – and transform it into a place of joy. Such a person lacks the necessary skills and social awareness to be in the world and paradoxically, gets accused of being both too sensitive and insensitive at the same time. And it’s true. We all have sensitivity but we should use it correctly to get the results that God intended for this God-given ability.

Spiritual seekers need to be shown how to handle their stuff, not just on the meditation mat, but in communion with others. The aim is to be open, honest and vulnerable. Getting there will be messy but staying stuck is now non-negotiable. Participants on the July 2015 Summer Island Retreat will be facing it with tears, snot and all that jazz. I will be teaching more on this subject to the brave men and women of that Retreat who will be living it.

Isn’t it about time that you started living instead of waiting for life to happen?


The Summer Island Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is entitled ‘Assuming the Enlightenment Transmission Position’ and happens 11th-18th July 2015.