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Dave O.
Tue, 30 Mar 2021

Exclusive: Jesus’s Second Coming Online This Weekend Only!

Jesus chose to reside with us this Easter. Why? Read on...

Easter is almost here. Holidays. A Weekend Intensive.

Unannounced, the Jesus Stories are likely to make an appearance. Milk the proverbial lamb to the max.

Holy Spirit meet Enlightenment Transmission.

Jesus meet Oshana Community.

God meet Consciousness.

What will happen will be a mystery, in keeping with Christian and Oceanic traditions.

It will be intense: the juice of 4 days squeezed into a 2 days of life, death, resurrection and ascension. All from the viewpoint of the human nervous system.

Hanging out of the cross - as never explained before! I’ll even throw in a free Aramaic lesson. H'Oshana!

Saturday 3rd April
Online Easter Intensive
Easter Saturday: Purification

Sunday 4th April
Online Easter Intensive
Easter Sunday: Transfiguration