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Dave O.
Wed, 7 Apr 2021

Babel: Escaping the Social Control Program that Created the Covid-19 Playbook

How can you evade the ancient genetic infection that you cannot see?

The Story of Babel describes an ancient system of social control that now threatens to destroy us. Currently, conspicuously coercive global Covid-19 policies seek to forge a "New Normal, Great Reset" that will erase our natural affinity with nature through lock-downs, social isolation, compliance discrimination, masking, travel restrictions and rapid mass genetic-tampering (through 'warp speed' mass vaccination roll-outs) via top-down political policies that have been criticized by experts as  ineffective, unnecessary and destructive.

What we are living through is nothing new but the culmination of a social virus that seeks to live and which will destroy its host: humanity.

We have all been infected by this ancient virus. No one is born entirely free. The system provides an illusion of freedom of choice and lifestyle but tightens its control when we start to become actually freer. We never reach autonomy. All land, resources, culture and people are held captive within an impossible system. Covid-19 policies invade privacy, restrict freedom and enforce dangerous medical experimentation. Nations, small businesses, medical experts, communities, and families are terrorised, made compliant, divided and dissolved.

The tools are now conspicuously evident: propaganda, social imprisonment, impoverished services, guilt-tripping, social pressure, media banning, deplatforming and various legal and non-legal punishments. Many will comply with grave freedom losses to merely to avoid being called names such as "super spreader" or "granny killer" or to be allowed travel even though international borders remain closed.

Those who once stated that they would never accept the untested Covid-19 vaccines, now reluctantly and sheepishly comply even after witnessing family members, who only ever had mild Covid symptoms and already have naturally conferred immunity, hospitalized for serious life-threatening post-vaccine reactions (including strokes and rare type blood clots). No Covid-19 vaccine has completed essential Phase 3 clinical safety trials which will take several years.

The same unethical system that Jesus died fighting is hiding in plain sight. But also it lives within us. We are its agents and its victims. It's in our blood and the Bible advised us to separate from it.


How can you evade what you cannot see and pretends to be part of you? How to rout the impostor? What happens if we are unsuccessful? Last days, last chance, indeed.

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