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Dave O.
Sat, 24 Apr 2021

I Finally Tested Positive for the Wuhan Lab Virus, Sunday may be my Last Class Ever. GoFundMe!

Truth is found where no one looks

The “GoFundMe” in the title is a joke. Those who know me are not going to unsubscribe. On the other hand, those suffering from the contagion “over-sensitivity” will never search for truth, but will spend eternity languishing in the darkness of ignorance. By the way, this is a promotion for this Sunday’s unique message ‘Are You Ready to be Unblinded? Unlocking Our Secret History’ not merely my health.

I finally tested positive for the CoronaVirus/Covid-19/SARS-CoV-2/Wuhan Lab Virus, but only after 9 days of close contact with someone who had also tested positive, since 5 days of constant contact had been insufficient to get a positive result. There will be no follow-up tests though, so false positives cannot be ruled out. Typically, no doctor knows the basic essential fact of how many cycles are being used in the PCR test. The room I was tested in constantly had unmasked suspected Covid cases having their nostrils cleaned by a chimney sweep-like tool for 5 seconds.

The day after the test I went for an extremely pleasant 3 hour hot hilly off-track forest hike and discovered many wonders. Not for 2 days after the test did I have clear symptoms, but only after spending the morning on a cold couch and eating something I shouldn’t have. It was snowing beautifully. Yesterday, I had the best long sleep that I have had in years. I only had to get up a few times to manage some online event replays. I had intuited to leave this part of the week open and had not scheduled the third class in the Oshana Energy-Work Method series for Saturday.

While it’s unfortunate to catch a “gain of function” virus that is designed to infect humans, at least the medical authorities here will not suggest “vaccination” for the next six months. Either way one’s body has absorbed man-made pathogens with unknown genetic consequences. The only way to avoid the virus is to avoid society.

I personally know two people who suffered severe consequences after getting “vaccinated”. The first suffered a stroke even though they did not need the “vaccine” since they had naturally conferred immunity. There has been no investigation into the cause. Doctors seem uninterested. The second was hospitalised twice for lung clots and was informed, by the hospital, that it was a rare post-“vaccine” adverse reaction.

The problem with the Covid-19 “vaccines” in the West is that they are not traditional vaccines. The genetic technology being used is experimental and has a history of killing test animals. The current “vaccines” have not been tested on animals but are being tested on humans who are unaware that they are guinea pigs. Clinical trials will not complete until 2023 at the earliest, and yet misleading statements are constantly being made by drug companies, authorities and the media. It’s so obvious when studying the field.

Also obvious is a rising mutated shame culture. If shaming is the main tool of social coercion, then facts were never the issue.

Themes of lying, shaming, coercion and “newspeak” are all covered in this Sunday’s ‘Are You Ready to be Unblinded? Unlocking Our Secret History’ which goes into ancient human history - so it’s not about Covid political coercion, but it overlaps.

I can imagine how this will all play out, but in this message I have kept to the facts.

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