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Dave O.
Tue, 27 Apr 2021

Humor Me, ‘Cause I Got Covid

Musing on life and incarnation...

Humor me – because we love each other and may never see each other physically alive on Earth again.

And let’s commit to live each moment fully conscious, uncensored, uninhibited and with a full-range of expression without fear of social shame, isolation or martyrdom. For Truth is its own reward.

Be neither hypnotised nor polarised by the many disinformation hydras of the Covid non-debate that you and your loved ones find yourselves scattered by. Do not be divided in eternity because of the temporal wordly system. The facts revealed by scientific studies and lawsuits will come too late. Learn every generation's rude awakening, history’s one clear lesson: never blindly trust authority.

And humor me, because I tested positive for something resembling the virus bio-engineered in the Wuhan Lab, that mutates a million times every time someone nebulises it through their mask. For one needs humor to handle the shock of being constantly deceived (even by masks).

But let’s not get stuck on masks, cover-ups or deceptions. They are but the entry points to awakening and exits out of unreality. Consider your eternity, the history of the human race and its future. And tell me now how do you feel?

As a final nebulised breath scatters our spirits, as we look down at Earth and the inhuman system we left intact that makes normal life and incarnation impossible, how will we feel?

If this reaches the real you, then consider attending our epic voyage of discovery ‘Why is Life a Struggle?’ or else stay at home and wait for the inglorious end.


This is how the French express their artistic freedoms:

(send me a non-YouTube link if you find one)