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Dave O.
Mon, 10 May 2021

Supporting the True Purpose of the Human Spirit in Unfree Times

Consciousness Transference is cyclical, repeatable, mutually beneficial, a win-win for all.

We have only one life to fully express our essence, and circulate our consciousness and energy.

Any plans to defer life to an imagined future (through reincarnation or spirit return) should be written off as impossible and incompatible because, aside from all the risky unknowns, future humanity will assuredly have less freedoms. Therefore, now is the only time to act.

Even now the spirit of humanity is being cowed. When the spirit breaks then the chance of a fulfilled life has gone, no matter how good the superficial life seems. Such a person is as dead as a highly paid but drugged-out pole-dancer. The living-dead have only self-hatred, destruction, anger, aggression and violence to support a fleeting but impossible feeling of being truly alive.

At this time, it is essential to support the spirit. The spirit's
connection with the body is being attacked whilst all attention is directed toward global spectacles of theatricalised invented crises. People are accepting shoddy escapist fantasies instead of workable solutions. Those fantasies inevitably become nightmarish traps, as the subconscious attempts to warn its duped and still warm host.

Spirit is here to express: to give a spirited performance in every moment. Thus, Jesus's reference to "where two or more (of the living) are gathered" refers to Life that can multiply beautifully and bountifully.

Unfortunately, Life has become harder to find, as everything is substituted with artificial: love, food, connection, family, etc. Some misguided individuals perversely celebrate, parade and multiply the unreal, corrupted, unliving and the dead.

However, you are still faithful to Life, our real and original Mother, not the anti-life system that now controls billions of zombies.

It's in our original nature to truly communicate. True communication is not through words, logic and concepts, which are in fact broken, contradictory and limiting systems. True communication is a transference of Consciousness.

There are the living, and then there are the already-dead. For this reason, Jesus said "let the dead bury the dead," meaning don't be sucked into unconsciousness of the zombie, and thereby risk becoming trapped in an unending nightmare of fear and oppression.

Consciousness Transference is the real and only currency of a true human being. It's not a one-way transaction, unlike the invisible evil system's transactions, which steal life-force upwards into its hierarchical structure, making it unable to share life downstream, and because it has nothing but toxicity to give.

Consciousness Circulating is sustainable, mutually beneficial, a win-win for all.

Humankind is now split into the energy sustainers and the energy drainers, the living and the dead. The living should recognise each other,  and learn to circulate their energy without blocks or leaks. The dead cannot partake in this, for they cannot be revived. Not now. Maybe not ever.

If you are living and want to support Life itself, to be an energy sustainer and to circulate Consciousness, our true purpose, then join Sunday's live event ‘Shouting So Loud, Existence Hears You: The Freeing of True Self-Expression’ (or else request a replay time soon). Time is running out.