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Dave O.
Mon, 10 May 2021

Global Freedom: The Consciousness Solution

Adam and Eve before things went wrong in Eden.

It's a wake-up call, watching the last days of freedom for global humanity and knowing that there is an antidote, a solution. It's exciting. Of course, your part depends on you. You are either in your body and here, or you are out of your body, lost in a delusion. Many choose escapist fantasies, not comprehending that there is nothing more beautiful than what is true, real and natural.

The solution requires understanding something about why we are here, as men and women, and as intergenerational species, and to become fully conscious and to live a true purpose that has never been described anywhere, except in recent Enlightenment Transmission events.

It's all coming together beautifully thus Sunday in all of its uncovered and unashamed heavenly glory. This is the Adam and Eve moment before things went wrong in Eden. The time before evil systems oppressed human consciousness. A time where full Enlightenment is once again possible, even highly likely. Who would have imagined that in times so dark, that such pressure could produce diamonds? Yet, here they are.

This is not a time to be absent or passive, but a time to get fully involved in what I would describe as the "Full Circulation of Consciousness". Consciousness is where we live, where we come from and where will spend eternity. But we must secure it, like the umbilical in the navel.

Secure your Consciousness.
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This Sunday's soul solution:
Existence Knows You Now: True Free Self-Expression & Consciousness Sharing’.