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Dave O.
Mon, 17 May 2021

Restoring Goodness, Love and Paradise: The Adam and Eve Moment

Ending confusion around love and sex.

Somewhere in human history it all went wrong, but today we can start making it right by ending confusion around love and sex by elevating the male-female relationship to its correct and proper position as the mother and father of all human creation, thereby ending family division and the so-called "battle of sexes".

By correcting first causes, we have a good chance of a happy ending: a human race of peace, love and understanding. This step cannot be skipped.

Forever Loving: Essential Male Female Alchemy’ is more than a class, discussion or exploration. This is an invitation to bring love to every moment, not only to the bedroom. However, the essence of human life is found in sex, conception, birth, breast-feeding and health. Unfortunately, these have been deliberately subverted in every generation, making impossible a true understanding of love and substituting it with an unsustainable fakery that eventually kills its host.

The human race's long march toward self-annihilation looks ready to teeter into into oblivion, as essential human distinctions are erased in favor a genetically-modified, chemically-subdued, surgically-reoriented AI-controlled humanity. That grass on the other side is not greener, but fake, lifeless, astro-turf.

Currently, we are not going to heaven, but hell. However, we can turn around the diabolical trajectory of humanity by finding, understanding and making true love flow again. I call it The Adam and Eve Moment, when all was still good in the paradise of Creation.

Come, be, and do, paradise. We have only these last moments of life left before humanity becomes but a flickering image on a computer screen.

Join us ‘Forever Loving: Essential Male Female Alchemy’. You will live, and live to enjoy and be thankful that you did attend this essential entry point into love, clarity and fulfilment. Let's do this!