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Dave O.
Sat, 22 May 2021

Going Where Love Has Never Gone Before

Foundational for ancestral and personal healing

This Sunday's ‘Forever Loving: Essential Male Female Alchemy’ is essential for everyone who has been born, especially you.

Our lives are affected by intergenerational inheritance. Humanity is series of successive conceptions. What happens energetically at conception shapes the bloodline's destiny.

The quality of relationships are determined by understanding, supporting and exploring the alchemical interaction that flows between the polarity of man and woman - a polarity found in nature and the universe.

This Sunday's event focuses on essential alchemical forces and energies found in healthy loving heterosexual relationships.

This understanding will be foundational for understanding your ancestral lineage and personal healing in future events.

Book ‘Forever Loving: Essential Male Female Alchemy’ or order a replay by email.