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Dave O.
Sun, 10 May 2015

Cruising Altitude and Ego Turbulence as The Enlightenment Transmission Prepares You for Retreat

Typically the Ego reacts to being seen by fighting back, running away, trembling with fear or paralysis. The Ego is that part of a person which exists because it is not seen. Seeing the Ego could not only ruin its day but destroy its life. Staying hidden is a necessary act of survival for the Ego. It reminds me of how slugs, worms and centipedes react when the log that covers them is lifted – typically they go scurrying for new cover. But a snake might threaten and even attack.

Before an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat, the Enlightenment Transmission starts to prepare the registered participants. It’s the beginning of a fantastically beautiful transformative process. However like a fitness program for lifelong couch potatoes it is not without tears and protests. The wonderful thing is that the process happens automatically and I, the facilitator for the Enlightenment Retreat, do not have to do anything – but alas I do! I get involved as the participant’s get the equivalent of a psychic makeover. Whilst the result is stunning the journey can be agonising.

I’d be glutton for punishment if I went along for the ride but it seems irresponsible to pack a class of spiritual infants onto an 80 day around the world train ride and trust that they will all be in one piece at the other end. They are after all children who have never made this journey before let alone without an adult. There surely will be some homesickness, soiled clothing, tantrums and inconsiderate behaviour. Additionally they may not fully appreciate the value, magnificence and importance of everything that they encounter without oversight and guidance. My role is to monitor and maintain or modify where necessary. However I am not sure that any adult wants to be so closely tied to looking after so many children full-time – but we do it anyway because the alternative seems unthinkable.

The OETT is moving towards becoming the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Community because the experience of the Enlightenment Transmission can multiplied when it is appropriately shared between participants. We are moving away from the time when the Teacher-Student relationship was the only connection to the Enlightenment Transmission. This move is not without teething troubles. Indeed it is like asking infants who have been dependent upon their parent’s love, support and guidance to now take care of one another. However, note that I am not referring to actually taking care of each other but adopting a parental view which ideally means an unconditional positive regard. This is what I as an Enlightened Guide have and from that simple the miracle is that Enlightenment can happen for others. Currently, the 7-day Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is the longest, deepest, consistent immersion in the spiritually reviving waters of the Enlightenment Transmission. However it is also possible to dive deep into the heart of your soul conscious and thus be near to Enlightenment in an instant of Enlightenment Transmission in OETT One-to-One, Online Class and Teacher Call and Intensive events.

We are so fortunate.