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Dave O.
Fri, 27 Aug 2021

We Are Inexorably Moving Toward Full Transcendental Heavenly Communion

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The Reservoir of Pure Love
The Reservoir of Pure Love

As spiritual and earthly beings we are inexorably moving toward full communion, which fulfils Eden's 2nd blessing "to multiply" and brings true love, peace, joy and harmony.

The word "Eden" in Hebrew is synonymous with both paradise and heaven. In today's modern world, Eden is primarily experienced as a transcendental realm which then manifests in our personal interactions with our self, others and nature. In this way we can multiply heaven in our daily lives.

In many ways, I have encouraged seekers to find the Transcendental Light in each other. In this way they can have unlimited access to support, guidance and God's Spirit that will transfer to future generations.

But first, they have to break through their emotionally-armoured intellectual prison walls to embrace their being with all of their spiritual senses.

As a community, the walls that divide us are crumbling, with delight, but also confusion. Seemingly a new world for which we are unprepared, but in fact the original home to which we have longed to return.

It requires courage, which is the lack of fear, to achieve full communion because we have to be open, honest and vulnerable. But we are doing it.

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