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Dave O.
Tue, 31 Aug 2021

The Inter-Psyche: Our Underexplored Shared Psychic Territory

Awaiting to be discovered: the shared space of human consciousness

Why do some people drive you crazy with anger, lust or love? Sometimes all three, and yet for others some or none?

Superficial reasons collapse under scrutiny here, rationalisation fails. The answers, undiscoverable by intellect, are instead found in the realm of feeling, sense, emotion, value and meaning. When this reality is shared, it is the "Inter-Psyche."

We spend most, if not all, of our time in the Inter-Psyche. It influences our moods, decisions and behaviour. Yet, we give no attention to it. We simply follow its promptings. Perhaps, we fear to enter, because here be gods, and demons too, and the departed.

Naturally, the intensity of the Inter-Psyche increases with proximity to others. A little is stimulating, too much is explosive.

The Inter-Psyche has its own code of conduct and communication.
Initially, it's uncomfortable to enter, but eventually it is fascinating and brings joy and peace of mind.

We know so much about the Inter-Psyche from personal experience, but because this knowledge is rarely shared in daily discourse it never becomes fully conscious. This is a great loss, the cause of many problems and reason why we often fail as humans.

Clearly, the inter-space will defy description on this page but a fuller understanding and experience is available when we come together. Let's do this for ourselves and everyone else too. Let's consciously enter the inter-space in this weekend's live online events.

Book Saturday's online event: ‘Invisible Journeys into Shared Invisible Spaces’ and Sunday's online event: ‘Exploring the Inter-Psyche: The Shared Space of Human Consciousness’.