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Dave O.
Tue, 31 Aug 2021

Opening Shared Transcendental Mystical Realms

Time to visit where you live.

When it comes to opening up, no other way comes to mind than "just do it." Aware that others find such simple advice difficult (it allows no excuse for procrastination in the guise of preparation).

Transcendental opening up is so soft, subtle and sensitive that loud-mouth spiritual leaders, miss it. Even if there were words and a map to describe it, it's more difficult to grasp than the Northern Lights. And yet, it's there, for all to enjoy in awe.

Opening up, is to your very own lovely True Self, not something foreign or unwholesome.

The only way to open to this massive oasis of sensation, perception and transcendent goodness is through relaxed spontaneous play. Eventually what was considered unreal is revealed as real, whilst what was presumed real is shown to be fake. It turns consensual reality on its head. Perhaps, this is why it is resisted.

Opening up to the transcendental mystical realms involves nothing so gross as the usual "tried that, been there, had it done to me" of so-called spirituality, including ignorant intellectualising, enforced submission, unnecessary tedious boredom, conformity, outrageous behaviour and substance abuse. Whilst initially seemingly liberating, often become predictably abusive and  destructive.

Unfortunately, something invisible hides the entry point.

This Saturday's online event has no obvious or discernible agenda, in order that the obvious can become patently so.

Book Saturday's event here: ‘Invisible Journeys into Shared Invisible Spaces’ and Sunday's related event here: ‘Exploring the Inter-Psyche: The Shared Space of Human Consciousness’.