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Dave O.
Thu, 16 Sep 2021

I wanna hold you, kiss you. I got time for that now...

Can we bridge the Covid Divide?

So near, that I can hear your breathing, yet so faraway. One person's lament to their distant lover on the other side of the bed during the Covid Era.

Once objet d'amour, have we become objects of self-disgust and loathing?

Isolation, once a mental health issue,  is now a mandated social virtue. Furtively seeking company online is a social networking and internet provider's financial wet dream. The price is ours to bear alone. No body, no soul, no real contact.

I am sure that the rich, powerful, down-trodden and the poor are all secretly breaking their bubbles for an illicit whiff of human pheromones.

How does this bode for becoming Enlightened in the body and our relationships during this lifetime? Can we bridge the Covid Divide?

Your thoughts, comments and inspirations are invited.