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Dave O.
Sat, 18 Sep 2021

Free Enlightenment Transmission Blasts over Zoom

Immaculate Awakening Interventions

Venturing Beyond Babel's Bubble
Venturing Beyond Babel's Bubble

I have started jumping out from behind hedges to catch participant's in their unawares, to perform immaculate awakening interventions, so they can get back on their soul purpose path.

I have been doing this on Zoom. Any medium works. Online is quick, simple. Running costs are already covered. Enlightenment Transmission Blasts are free.

Enlightenment Transmission Blasts can be 1-10 minutes. At this time they cannot be requested. They are simply offered for free when I feel someone has a need or would benefit.

Today, there will be free private blast sessions to prepare attendees for the ‘Bursting Babel Bubble’ workshop. This will start 30 minutes before the event talk starts, during the music, in a private breakout room. I'll figure out the details with attendees by email and Zoom chat. This will make today's event super-charged, well-prepared and worthwhile.

A recent Enlightenment Transmission Blast went out to one of several US participants who are among healthcare workers who will be fired from their jobs, livelihoods and trusted relationship with their clients, because they either refuse to have a full program of 70 vaccination shots and/or two Covid shots (even if they have natural immunity, which is many times more effective). These are healthcare workers who care more about health, common-sense conscience and ethics than a pay check. It's not an easy career change though. But it makes sense, for it should not be necessary to be vaccinated against *everything* if one is only talking to people, not even touching them or handling bodily fluids. But now the US vaccine schedule has gone into overdrive and been mandated and coerced — and it's breaking the heart and soul of the US medical and social care-work system which is haemorrhaging some great souls. May they find life, healing and happiness in better pastures.

Enjoy bliss and natural living!