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Dave O.
Mon, 20 Sep 2021

Being Born Again: A Messy But Worthwhile Affair

Things we don't talk. But could experience.

What's up? Plenty!
What's up? Plenty!

Going off the map to places that others will tell you that your mother would be shocked to know. But I know that she would grateful to make the journey herself, and that you are finding peace and resolution.

But we are daring to encounter experiences that would make a vicar tremble and a naturist blush: soul nakedness, and rich, raw and rapid encounters.

As I have mentioned about retreats, we can't talk about these things, except among those who know them. But for them, these are not "things" but vividly real living experiences, that need no recollection.

And what could be more raw and earthy than being born for the second time? The very name "Adam" conjures blood-red earth. For those born again, without all the fluids (except in some cases a little symbolic "blood of the Lamb") -- that's cool: no fuss, no muss. But life isn't so squeaky clean. That's not where we came from. That's not how we came in. That's not how we started. And it's not how we will go on.

I am talking more than blood here. You feel me? If not yet, then very soon, this weekend, a ginormous eruption on your event horizon.

For connoisseurs only, not dilettantes, tourists or concession seekers.

Book: Saturday's workshop ‘Born Again: An Experiential Journey’ and Sunday's talk ‘Being Born Again: The Elements’.

Difference Saturday and Sunday Events?

Sunday events tend to be monologue lectures with only visual interaction with the speaker. You get wet but you can get out of the bath at anytime. Saturday events are deeply experiential, typically interactive, revealing and potentially exposing. You get dropped into the wild ocean - eventually we come to fish you out.