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Dave O.
Mon, 20 Sep 2021

Going Full Wave Feminist. A Revolution by Men for Men. We Came Early. As Ever!

Back to the womb. Going fully feminist this weekend. See it, to believe it.

I am excited and delighted to announce that we are going to experience where we came from. Blood, fluids, heart beats and other stuff that can't be mentioned in a general subscriber newsletter, but in which we celebrate, life!

Am I going full feminist? Yes, but not ideologically, or surgically, but empathetically experientially. This weekend we travel back to the warm.. I mean womb. Back to the beginning. Back to basics.

Book: Saturday's workshop ‘Born Again: An Experiential Journey’ and Sunday's talk ‘Being Born Again: The Elements’.

Difference Saturday and Sunday Events?

Sunday events tend to be monologue lectures with only visual interaction with the speaker. You get wet but you can get out of the bath at anytime. Saturday events are deeply experiential, typically interactive, revealing and potentially exposing. You get dropped into the wild ocean - eventually we come to fish you out.