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Dave O.
Mon, 27 Sep 2021

Huge Discounts Best Ever Replay Most Rare & Taboo Secrets of Who You Are

You Deserve Another Chance to Be Born Right

Second Birth
Birth & Conception Done Right

Replays start today Monday, soon...

The recent weekend produced the finest ever guided exploration into the hidden roots of your being and existence.

I want everyone to have access this to this knowledge more than anything else that I have ever shared. These videoed events encapsulate everything that has ever been shared — and then go much further.

This information, and the way to learn and explore, will set you up for life, change you ancestral connections, transform and give freedom.

Time is short for us here on Earth in the physical body. This promotion is for one week only because I simply do not have time and energy to administrate replays. My best work is live, fresh and in the moment.

However, I want to give a chance to all who missed these events to enjoy fascinating knowledge and real transformation, to incentivise and offer trust and feel-good by giving discounts.

Paying once only allows you to attend all subsequent replays of the event, after you get on the special replay list.

The replays happen at fixed times suitable for all time zones. To speed up the process of scheduling please provide all times of your availability this week. Monday to Friday are options. I might consider Saturday if that seems popular and necessary.

Please be aware that these replays are raw, uncensored and adult. The language is matter of fact and graphical where necessary since it explores birth and conception.

The Saturday video recording requires full immersive investigation since it is a guided journey through the birth and conception process. It's intense. Sunday's video requires just as much attention but is more passive. The Saturday and Sunday recordings can be experienced in chronological or reverse order.

There is no booking form for the replays. All arrangements are by email.

Because we want to attract newcomers who have never attended such an event, we offer substantial discounts. However, you will be jumping in the deep end of existence. This is no gentle introduction.

Newcomers can have both events one third off and regulars one sixth off. Payment is by buying OshanaCredits via Paypal which is instant and requires no further information. Or else by electronic transfer direct from EU bank (usually no fees) or via the international FinEx Wise (minimal fees) but you will need to request payment details and reference links in advance to do this. Prices are per attendee. Even more special deals and offerings may be possible if your friends, loved ones or social network sign-up. We appreciate your help and support to promote these events.

Let's do this soon and discover the bounteous joys of life on Earth whilst we can.

For reference, here are the original events descriptions, the actual content goes far beyond the printed summary: ‘Born Again: An Experiential Journey’ & ‘Being Born Again: The Elements’.

There may or may not be another update. I wanted you to know about this opportunity as soon as possible. I am clearing my schedule to make this happen.

Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
Dave Oshana

Extra Clarification

Replays can be scheduled to happen between 8am-11pm Finland, 6am-9pm UK, 1am-4pm ET USA, 10pm-6am PT USA, 3pm-6am Sydney time, Monday to Friday, and maybe Saturday. Allow time for the schedule to be created. There may be extra flexibility. Just ask. We aim to make all things possible.

Participants who have attended one of the live events will get the second event for one sixth off, i.e. 25€ instead of 30€.

Regular participants who have not attended either live event can get both replays for one sixth off, i.e. 50€ instead of 60€.

Newcomers can get both replays for one third off, i.e. 40€ instead of 60€.

If your friends and loved ones book the replays then tell them to mention your name. You may then qualify for a free replay of some other event or a discount in future, depending on how many book.