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Dave O.
Mon, 27 Sep 2021

Call In Sick & Clean Out Your Ancestors

Clean up the mess while you can

"Your ancestors, for all their love, care and concern, may have messed you up."

I am hearing that we now live in exciting (in the old Chinese sense), desperate, prophesied times.

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission is here to calm nervous systems.

This weekend we are clearing unsuitable ancestral influences.

People are coerced by ancestors who infect descendants with complex issues, neuroses and compulsions.

The ancestral infection mechanism is explored in the birth/conception replays happening this week (special offer, bookable by email).

The most needed, but least known lessons, on the planet:

Born Again: An Experiential Journey

Being Born Again: The Elements

Where does this information come from? The same place as Jesus, Mozart and Einstein. Expect stunning discoveries, brilliant results and deep answers this weekend. Booking immediately improves quality through customisation of content.

Your ancestors are listening, are you?

Book early
Saturday ‘The Ancestral Melting Pot: An Insightful Meditation That Cuts the Dull Edge of Ignorance’ &
Sunday ‘Clearing the Curse of Cain: The Ultimate Ancestral Clean-Up’.