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Dave O.
Tue, 5 Oct 2021

Tech is Delaying Planetary Awakening: Help is Here

An Abundant Cornucopia of Help and Support

If you only want news of the event goodies then scroll down to the dates.

The Last Days?

My recent "use or lose it" newsletter was both prescient and prophetic. But some of you never saw it, and never will see such posts, unless you either change your email provider and/or email filters.

Necessary Spiritual, Emotional and Community Support is Not Getting to You

Recent emails offering you live online events to support your spirituality, well-being and sense of community have bounced back with the label "abusive content". The offense, it seems, is that services were freely offered. The reason presumably is that no major institution profits when there is no financial transaction.

Down the Rabbit Hole or Take the Carrots

What's going on? If you are ready to jump down the rabbit hole then read on. If not then just follow these links whilst you still have a chance to 3 more open-to-all online events that require nothing of you except life-affirming sobriety:

Wednesday 6th OctoberReplay of Covid Comedy

Saturday 9th October You Are Our Only Hope

Saturday 23rd October:Enlightenment Transmission: Experience First, Understand Later

Mysterious YouTube Suggestions

Ever noticed how YouTube mysteriously suggests videos similar to ones you have watched before, even though you never logged into a Google account?

The Spy in Your Pocket

Tech Companies know your habits better than you know yourself via a variety of surveillance strategies that include monitoring your emails, site visits, physical location and movements and phone calls. They control your access to news and information. They set your mood and tone. They make you buy. They also, direct you away from your birthright to health, help and well-being.

Waking Up in Wonderland: Back to Nature

I have discovered that getting you Enlightened is both simple and complex. Waking up is simple. Staying awake is complicated. It takes courage. Ideally, you would have your own land and resources. You would live in a community and be self-sufficient. You would not be a wage slave. As much as possible, free yourself from government control.

The Rug Pulled From Under: Real World Caring

I cannot ignore that at this moment 100,000's of Americans, including healthcare specialists, who conscientiously choose to not receive experimental vaccines, which they personally know causes severe damage and death, are being threatened with loss of income and all of the negative side-effects that come with it. The new government is destroying, not strengthening, the healthcare system. As a result, many will die and be injured, more than Covid ever will. It's not just happening in America, though.

Don't Believe the Hype: You May Already Be Immune

Those who are Covid-recovered have naturally acquired immunity. They not only gain nothing good by getting the jab (it's toxic), but risk their health and immunity. I personally know this to have been repeatedly demonstrated to be true.

Help is Here

Our participants, organising into support groups, are thriving, flourishing and blossoming, despite the society taking a slide to the bottom.

You can join them and get help. Just ask me, I'll connect you.

And There's More But...

For example, help attending regular online events, but this email might not reach some of you, if I mention certain charitable words. Take a hint, realise how incredibly good what is waiting for you here.