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Dave O.
Mon, 11 Oct 2021

Expedited Awakening, As All Hell Breaks Loose

As the End Ends Don't Get Up-Ended or Appendaged

Naturally, as the controlled narratives of global societal norms are re-spun to perpetuate the individual's feeling of being out of control, and therefore in dire need of a political, economic or medical savior, a fake metamorphosis of the Ego, the false identity, ensues.

Within the cracks of the apparent facade of stability, awakening can happen, before the fluid identity re-congeals into a superficially new amalgamation. A time of turmoil, but not without benefits, for the lucky few who seize opportunity.

Expect all hell, always under the surface, to break through into private and public relationships. No spiritual group is immune. Only the socially remote, can delay it.

At the end of time, pull out all the stops, and expedite awakening.

To get a sense of these contradictions and chaos watch a replay of ‘Almost There’ (send an email to set up a viewing).

For the soul solution attend or watch ‘Sub-personae Integration: On the Frontline of the Current Existential Crisis