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Dave O.
Tue, 12 Oct 2021

Sub-personae Escape: Search, Rescue & Integration

Restoring actual freedoms

Sub-personae are stunted personalities trapped in time as a reaction to traumatic events. Held together by a fragile paper-thin ego and cognitive dissonance, "sub-personae escape" threatens societal stability.

Under excessive duress of unhealthy social pressures, egos crack like eggshells, releasing long-suppressed sub-personae into the environment.

These sub-personae, familiar to our ancestors, now evade detection because modern psychology is paradigmatically unable to see them. Psychiatry's mind-numbing response has been to destroy escaped sub-personae.

World government "solutions" are dangerous. Currently, a covert campaign of sub-persona re-assignment is being pushed by invisible controllers complicit in bringing human existential crises to the brink.

To avert total societal breakdown, disaster programs have been internationally introduced to corral, coerce and re-educate wayward sub-personae. All this, to prevent an illusion of no free-will, no choice from wearing off.

To avoid having your psyche sold for spare parts, you need to integrate. Integration prevents disintegration, allows you to level up and unite with your life-force energy.

Discover the real soul solution by attending the online event ‘Sub-personae Integration: On the Frontline of the Current Existential Crisis’. Naturally, this event cannot be expected to be a peaceful lecture since it challenges the precariously balanced house of cards upon which society functions, threatening every falsely-constructed personal identity, exposing society's illusion and subverting the current campaign of totalitarian control.

Take it further, become a frontline worker (online intro event available). Traumatised refugees of unreality arrive in our temporal haven daily without certainty. Get in line to have your ankle bracelet removed by our incognito bicycle mechanics.