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Dave O.
Tue, 19 Oct 2021

Lost Love Restored: Inter-Generational Resolution

The soul solution to love's problems

Love: The Beginning & Initial Problem

Several millennia ago, our formerly unrestricted free-flowing economy of love was permanently upset, causing a compounded deficit of love with every human transaction — a perpetual debt that limits the happiness potential of future generations.

The Problem Mismanaged Grows

The predictable response from the shadowy controllers of society was to flood their controlled monopolised markets with the fiat currency of fake love, thereby making it harder to find real love, devaluing already dwindling supplies of trust, supporting addictions and creating perverted forms of love.

The Problem Worsens, Humanity on the Brink

We now live in a socially-engineered world in which parents appear to be congenitally unable to express deep love, and children who are confused about their lives and identity. What we need, more than ever before, is the restoration of that ancestral love lost, especially if we are to wake up as a global humanity facing the last days due to multiple converging threats of plague, famine, coercion, oppression, pollution, population control and medical subversion.

Saving Self by Saving Others

The solution cannot be implemented through any top-down global measures. Though restoring freedoms and removing oppressive measures could help slow the problem's multiplication. The only solution is to replace the love deficit. This can only happen from person to person. No other agency will completely suffice. To learn more attend the live online event ‘Mastered by Love’ or request a video replay (via email or contact-form).