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Dave O.
Tue, 19 Oct 2021

Defeating the War Against Heaven

Only Enlightenment Transmission can save us from the permanent snuffing out of the human spirit.

For 21 years, I have been quietly sharing full Enlightenment, the first of three blessings required to reach our full human potential, with a small group of committed participants.

Enlightenment is the only antidote against the Evil that is removing life, liberty and love from humanity.

Unfortunately, sooner than expected, attaining Enlightenment will no longer be possible.

Enlightenment is restoration of spirit and body unity. Today, this essential consciousness connection is attacked the moment it appears in the womb, and obstructed for the rest of one's life.

When consciousness is sufficiently restricted, freewill will be replaced by biological AI to create human zombie slaves and the concept of a free society will be lost forever.

With global domination happening in front of our eyes, I have to 'warp speed' the Enlightenment distribution schedule. I am enlisting your support, no matter what you think about your abilities.

Quietly watching the snuffing out of the human spirit is not an option. This is spiritual war that reaches up to heaven, and the only war that  must be absolutely stopped, permanently. Enlightenment is the only antidote.

Bring your resources. Spread the word. Share the Enlightenment Transmission.

We have free meetings weekly. Support and entry into a new world of heavenly paradise is just an email away.

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